Wood cookie stamp

Lovely wood cookie stamp made out of 100% beech wood.
Naturally and without any plastic or varnish coatings.
Cause of the reason that it is a naturally product it is food safe for sure.

Comes with your custom logo or design.
Custom wood cookie stamps are available from 250pcs.

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Height incl. handle: 6cm
Diameter: 5cm
Larger forms are available upon request at extra cost.
Standard packaging:
Loose in shipping cartons
Minimum order: 250 pieces
Delivery Time inside EU:
up to 1.000 pcs.             4 weeks
1.000  to 3.000 pcs.       5-6 weeks
3.000  to 10.000 pcs.     6-7 weeks

Data supply

File formats of your submission: PDF, JPG, GIF, EPS, PSD

Example of a template for a stainless steel cuttter:

For enclosed cards  and prints or laser-engravings on the products,
please submit your designs by using the same formats as above. 
For printed cardboard-enclosures, please allow 2 mm bleed.


stempel-ausstecher-ydyz.jpg Cookie cutter for wood cookie stamp

Round cookie cutter with 6cm diameter for wood cookie stamp. Flat or waved surface.

ausstechform-verpackung-papiertute-g0qb.jpg Single packing in paperbag

Single packing paperbag, sealed.
Dimensions: 9 x 9 cm
Color: nature (other colors on request)