In den meisten Fällen können wir Ihnen gegen Aufpreis eine Expressproduktion anbieten.
Gerne können Sie auch einen Wunschtermin in unserem Konfigurator eingeben. 

Our production is designed for about 70 million cookie cutters per year.
The capacity of all other products is also designed in 7 digit range.
So it is no problem for us to delivery big quantities in short time.

Everyday we get inquiries for single piece productions. As a manufacturer who produces with machines it is not possible to do that.
The costs and the effort are out of all proportion. Please don't send us request for quantities under the amount which is mentioned on our product pages.
We can't reply to these requests.

We offer special prices for re-tailers, agencies and PSI members. Please mention this in your request.

Yes, OEM productions are not problem for us.