Cookie Cutter stainless steel

Cookie Cutter made of stainless steel.
Traditional and very popular.

Cookie stamps

Cookie stamp with individual stamp plate. Ideal for complex designs, coats of arms and logos. Silicone plate removable and in your desired color.

Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

Stamp Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter with stamp function for
detailed shapes and designs. 

Bread cutter

Extra sturdy and large cookie cutters for cutting bread, sausage, butter, vegetables and fruits - even whole sandwiches and sandwiches.

From now on you can benefit from cheaper off-season prices for cookie cutters. Those who plan and order early save up to 20%. Delivery and invoicing also possible on your desired date (e.g. November 2020).

Even with our attractive summer items such as ice cube shapes, straws, grill stamps and stainless steel ice cubes, you can now secure particularly attractive prices and, above all, capacities. From March / April these will be less for deliveries in the summer.

So it's worth asking early!

Foodshaping and sustainability

For more than 16 years, Cookie Cutter has been one of the leading manufacturers for custom cookie cutters. Meanwhile, the assortment covers the whole area of ​​"food-shaping", the "bringing into shape" of food. These include individual baking molds and cookie stamps as well as ice cube molds and mini pans. All our products can be customized or branded. We offer numerous packaging solutions to make your individual article as attractive as possible.

The topics of sustainability and environmental protection are not forgotten.
Environmentally friendly packaging, stainless steel or bio-plastic cookie cutters, reusable stainless steel straws and ice cubes make a major contribution to sustainability and resource conservation. Products from Cookie Cutter are predominantly used as promotional items, giveaways or merchandising products but also OEM productions for other brands and suppliers are part of our services.

Our service for you

We will gladly advise you on the implementation of your individual
Cookie cutter products. We help you with the right packaging, the right branding
and the right shape for your giveaway, Christmas present or on-pack
to find. In addition, we check your templates and requests in advance for free on feasibility
and make recommendations.

Call us on 07721/6809150, write us an email or use
our contact form.

Quality matters

At Cookie Cutter you will only receive tested products which are suitable for the
safe contact with food.

Our cookie cutters e.g. We manufacture from genuine, stainless steel
- no tinplate! For this reason we are also tested member in the
Trademark Association Edelstahl Rostfrei.

For our baking molds and ice cube molds we use specially for the contact with
Food tested platinum-silicone, of course, absolutely BPA free.
Plastic products from cookie cutters like plastic cookie cutters, coffee stencils
or toast stamps are made of tested polypropylene and are absolutely harmless.
Our products are not just used as giveaways or on-packs.
We also supply bakeries, retailers and foreign brands with individual products (OEM production).

We produce for