Standard cookie cutter designs

We offer a great choise of standard designs for stainless steel 
cookie cutters. For all of them you can choose from many branding
and packing options.

In our catalog (PDF download) you find all designs and their dimensions.

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Standard: depending on the design
Standard height: 2cm 

Standard packaging:
Unpacked in shipping carton.

Minimum order: 500 pieces per design
Some designs like stars, hearts or tress are available from 100pcs.

Delivery time inside EU:
up to 1.000 pcs.             2-3 weeks
1.000  to 3.000 pcs.       3 weeks
3.000  to 10.000 pcs.     3-4 weeks

Data supply

File format for engravings, papercards or packing printings: PDF, AI